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Writing last minute critical review is possible or not

Writing is the most interesting talent in this world. It helps to communicate our idea in front of others. It provides a best platform to include our thoughts and researches together that are collected from different resources. It helps to simplify our ideas in more convenient to readers. Critical review writing is an important type of writing is mostly a review of book, article, essay or any other piece of writing. Actually it is process of criticizing one’s work. We can’t write critical review of a substance without proper knowledge in it.

Many educational instructors assign their students to write critical review of a particular content. But it is not possible to write critical review without reading particular portion of the content. For that read the chosen piece of writing and study about it and make a conclusion about this. Based on the examination, write a summary about the portion that you read. This is the actually a critical review writing. Due to the short of time students feel difficult to read whole documents. It may cause them to loss marks in critical review writing processes. Sometimes you will not get required material to read and also we are unfamiliar with those themes. These are the major problems that effect to critical writing.

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